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Parallel ESG Programs and Initiatives

Parallel Infrastructure environmental, safety, and corporate governance graphic.

Our Primary Areas Of Focus Are:


Parallel is committed to an inclusive and diverse workforce fostering collaboration and participation of employees at every level within the organization.
Parallel collaborates with employees to discover additional training and courses to enhance and/or develop their skill sets for continued growth and success.


We maintain a comprehensive Safety Program based on a framework of: (1) Culture (2) Planning and (3) Verification.
Our dedicated safety resources drive our objective of meeting or exceeding industry safety standards as part of our core business.


Our Board of Directors is focused on the alignment and balance of positive outcomes for our employees, customers, and investors.
Our management team comes from carrier, infrastructure and other backgrounds to promote differentiated perspectives and ideas.


We continually seek energy efficient, eco-friendly opportunities across the infrastructure ecosystem and within our corporate practices including opening Parallel’s new headquarters in a LEED-certified building.
The breadth and integrity of Parallel’s supply chain provides a platform for continued innovation of sustainability initiatives.