Tower Up


Parallel Infrastructure is a full service nationwide tower development and collocation service provider to the wireless industry.



We design, zone, construct, own, lease and operate telecom towers nationwide through our robust build-to-suit program. We provide these rapid development services to all the major carriers and regional wireless service providers. Custom build-to-suit structures allow our tenants to provide pinpoint coverage and fresh capacity on modern structures that scale with changing technology and business needs.


Parallel owns and operates over 1,100 tower structures nationwide that are available today for collocation. These tower locations are available for download and review. Or, contact your Regional Business Development Representative for a customized review of our ever growing inventory.

Tower Acquisition

Parallel is constantly adding to our portfolio of collocatable towers. We do this through our build-to-suit program, but we also purchase and manage existing tower structures. If you have an existing tower, and you are looking to realize the value in it, we are interested in talking with you.