Tower Up



Experience and resources deliver fast results.

At Parallel Infrastructure, we combine exceptional industry experience, tremendous capital, and our exclusive rapid deployment process to provide robust, turnkey, build-to-suit site development services. Wireless tenants nationwide know they can rely on us for deep resources that include:

  • Ring scrubbing and site vetting for availability and constructability
  • Site acquisition and ground leasing
  • Zoning, permitting, and legal expertise
  • Environmental studies and geotechnical analysis
  • Tower design and construction
  • Tower operation and maintenance

Many times current tower inventory does not meet the need. This may be due to lack of tower infrastructure for a particular coverage area or current structures are insufficient for today’s technology, coverage, and capacity requirements. In those cases, Parallel can assist you by providing both information and service. So please:

  1. Review available tower infrastructure by using our Tower Locator tools
  2. Download our current Tower and Developable Land Inventory
  3. Contact your Regional Business Development Representative

Let us show you what Parallel can do. Reliable. Flexible. Fast.